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El Paso Border Patrol seeks to fill 165 Treatment Coordinator positions

EL PASO, Texas – A new post created by the US Border Patrol after the 2019 wave of migrants in El Paso seeks to ease the workload of officers securing the border, and the agency is seeking new candidates.

The influx of migrants in 2019 diverted many border officials to deal with families carrying out administrative tasks. Valeria Morales, the border patrol’s special operations supervisor, said the hijacking left gaps in the border wall that transnational criminal organizations took advantage of.

“We didn’t have the facilities like the central processing center. Our border patrol facilities have been overwhelmed, ”said Morales.

Border Patrol created the post of Processing Coordinator to do this administrative work during power surges to ensure officers are not prevented from securing the border.

The agency is seeking to fill 165 Treatment Coordinator positions. The first class graduated in April this year, and three more have since followed.

Melanie Garcia was part of that first class.

“I want to be part of the community, to be able to help the community and to keep the community safe,” Garcia said, explaining why she joined Border Patrol.

The training program lasts for seven weeks and teaches candidates how to perform their daily tasks. This includes admission, property verification and the start of paperwork related to the immigration process.

Since the start of the program, Morales says morale among border officials has rebounded as processing coordinators took over the administrative work.

“Having them here allows us to have more agents on the ground,” Morales said.

The border patrol is still looking to fill positions in the program. If you are interested in applying, you can do so by clicking here.

The deadline to apply is October 1st.